Skyview Radio Society was born out of the old Allegheny Kiski Amateur Radio Association, AKARA. In the winter of 1959, a number of “very active” members of the AKARA discussed at a meeting the possibility of building a clubhouse. There were some heated discussions and the idea was turned down. Ten members of AKARA decided to go ahead with plans to build and start a new club, Skyview Radio Society and build a clubhouse.

These ten members were:
W3GDS Alex Pontremoli
W3RSR Bill Bell
W3YEY Bob Trauterman
K3KUH Bill Bowser
K3HUG Don Truffa
Associate Jack Wilferd
W3ZFJ Bill Kennedy
K3HQJ Ken Phillips
W3HCU Arch Roberts
W3HQW Ray Woodall “Woody”Others involved include:
W3VVG Fred Driever
W3WGH Bob King (Now W3GH)
K3MTX Geo Nulty (Honorary Charter member)

Each of the charter members pitched in $100.00. In Feb. 1960 the land was found and purchased for $400.00. The first building was the picnic shelter. In the early summer of 1960, work was started on the clubhouse. By the fall of 1960 the clubhouse was under roof. Each of the members used their various connections and talents to do whatever it took to make this clubhouse reality. Wiring, windows, heating, telephone poles for antennas, all done by these members.
To raise money, they sold Christmas trees, rug cleaner, raffle tickets, and food. There was a mortgage burning in 1962. Wow. In the early years, the clubhouse was just block walls and a hanging propane heater. Other projects included the well, outhouse, kitchen, septic tank, and plumbing, all done by the members. 1966 saw the oil furnace, paneling and insulation via Don- KJ3Q, and other improvements. Also during this time, ham classes were held, ham-fests, field days, and towers erected. All by a group of guys in there 30s with families!
In the early days the clubhouse was filled with the sounds of DX-100s and SSB converters and the like. In 1968, the AKARA merged with Skyview Radio Society.