In case of inclement weather please monitor the 146.640 repeater for any updates as to testing times or cancellations. All Test Candidates must have a FCC  FRN number in lieu of a SS#. The FCC and ARRL will be requiring this. Any questions about applying for the FRN, contact

Please email  to reserve a seat or inquire about the session at least a few days in advance. Seating is limited on a “First Come” basis.

Please take care and be cautious in your travels,

VE Testing Session – Instructions and Guidelines: 
Location: Skyview Radio Society 
Clubhouse 2335 Turkey Ridge Rd, 
New Kensington PA 15068 
Time of Test Session: 8:15 am 

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At the Test Session: Please place all Cell Phones, Radios, etc., on quiet until after all testing has been completed. 
Bring Cash or Check made payable to the ARRL / VEC. for $15.00 (the cost of the test). 
Bring 2 forms of identification, (at least one should be a picture ID). Other forms of ID may be Birth certificate – w/ seal, Social Security Card, Library Card, 
Report Card (from school),Student ID, Utility or Bank Statement or Postmarked Envelope with current address shown. In case of a minor, a legal guardian may present a photo ID. Social Security Number or FRN Number (preferred). Having already registered with the FCC via the CORES system, will expedite processing of your new license or upgraded license when issued. 

As of Feb 17, 2015 -The FCC will no longer automatically print and send your license via postal mail. Bring the ORIGINAL and a PHOTOCOPY of your current license and /or CSCE’s. This PHOTOCOPY will be sent with your paperwork for processing. Lack of a PHOTOCOPY can result in a delay of the processing of your application. We will not have a copying machine on site! You can bring your own calculator, but be ready to prove there are no formulas pre-programmed in it. Cell Phones, iPhones, iPads, Androids, Smartphones, Blackberry devices and all similar electronic devices with a calculator capability, may NOT be used. Bring a pen as well as pencils. All sessions will begin promptly at 8:30, please be a bit early for paperwork and instructions. Due to variations in photocopying, pen is preferred for all form areas, such as name address etc.Pencil is preferred for erasable areas such as the actual “ Test Answer” section. Clean “Scratch paper” will be provided, please be sure not to write in the test booklet. Also, please note that our test location for today will be known as “New Kensington, PA” Walk-ins are okay. Special needs person please call a few days ahead so we are prepared.